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Much of my Dragon and Damselfly photography is done at Messingham nature reserve near Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire. I also visit Crowle Moor on a regular basis as well as making occasional trips further afield.

My aim is to photograph every species of dragon and damselfly found in the UK, although this may have to wait until I retire from work.

Messingham reserve managed by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is a superb place for these great insects and is a Lincolnshire stronghold of the Hairy Dragonfly, the first Dragonfly of the year to emerge, in early May usually, shortly after the Large Red Damselfly in late April.

I have photographed 14 different species of Dragonflies or Damselfies at Messingham nature reserve, these include in no particular order.

Large Red
Red Eyed
Common Blue

Four-spotted Chaser
Black-tailed Skimmer
Brown Hawker
Southern Hawker
Migrant Hawker
Common Darter
Ruddy Darter

This is not a complete list as I am aware other species have been seen at Messingham nature reserve occasionally.


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Chasers and Skimmers

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Chasers and Skimmers


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Hairy Dragonflies

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Hairy Dragonflies


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Newly emerged Hairy Dragonfly 2009

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Newly emerged Hairy Dragonfly 2009

Common darter with prey sequence

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Common darter with prey sequence

Four-spotted chaser emergence

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Four-spotted chaser emergence

Four-spotted chaser emergence 2017

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Four-spotted chaser emergence 2017

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