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Created 3-May-09
Modified 3-May-09
The photos in this gallery show a very recently emerged Hairy Dragonfly.

The first photograph shows the wings of the Dragonfly still crinkled up before the insect has had time to expand and pump the fluid round it's body.

The second photograph shows the wings slightly more expanded but the body is still in a semi curled position and not inflated.

Third photograph and the wings are nearly fully inflated and the body is beginning to inflate.

Fourth photograph shows the Dragonfly has started to move up the reed stem it is on away from the excuvia.

Fifth photograph, the Dragonfly has moved further up the stem and is is resting and gaining strength and fully inflating it's body.

Sixth photograph the dragonfly is more or less at the top of the reed stem resting and warming up and gradually colouring up in what sun there was ready for it's first flight.

Seventh photograph is a close up shot of the head that I took the opportunity of taking.

Dragonflies are at their most vulnerable when emerging as they are helpless against any predators until they can fly.

Newly emerged Hairy Dragonfly 2009

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Created 3-May-09
Modified 3-May-09
Newly emerged Hairy Dragonfly 2009