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Shown here are High ISO examples taken with the Canon EOS 7D camera.

There has been a lot of talk about how much noise the 7D would generate in images at high ISO settings. Having just purchased a 7D myself I thought I would post a few high ISO examples for others to see.

The photographs are clearly marked as to what ISO settings were used. The ones that say no editing are just as they came out of the camera. They have been cropped to 1400 pixels on the longest side but no further editing has been done to them at all. All these photographs were taken in the cameras JPEG mode.

The ones that say edited, I have edited them through my normal editing process, PS Elements version 7 and Neat Image plug in noise reduction.

The in camera high ISO noise reduction settings on the 7D are STANDARD, LOW, STRONG and DISABLE, I took these photographs on the LOW noise reduction setting.

My conclusion is that the 7D copes pretty well with noise at least up to ISO 3200. I didn't have time to try higher ISO settings or the other in camera noise reduction settings. I am confident that if the need arises I can shoot at high ISO with the 7D and get usable results.
ISO 1250 Normal editingISO 1250 No editingISO 1600 Normal editingISO 1600 No editingISO 2500 Normal editingISO 2500 No editingISO 3200 Normal editingISO 3200 No editingISO 3200 Normal editingISO 3200 No editing

Guestbook for Canon 7D High ISO examples
Dennis Russ(non-registered)
Great images. My 7D + 400 f5.6 gives me more noise than yours is producing. I even had canon fix it within 4 months of owning it. Would appreciate it if you would tell me how you got rid of that noise.
Keep up the Great Photography. Always enjoy looking at your images.
Albert Leroy(non-registered)
Congratulations for your photo collection !!!!!
You should join us on the Island of Tenerife !!!! I'm a botanist and every year during apeil, may and october I'm on the island of Tenerife doing botanical research. Could be interesting for you as I have access to places unautorised for tourists !!!!
P.S. I'm leaving next sunday untill end of may !!!! viva the sun and the warm temps !!
Glen Allen Photography
Roger.. I've visited your galleries time and again and I have to thank you for supplying these high ISO test shots. I've been sitting on the upgrade fence for a while with these images and your flight shot directory you have convince me to get a new body. Thanks again for sharing these and all of your images. Great Work!!
Lincsbirder wildlife photography
I will post some more images with different noise reduction settings including no noise reduction as soon as I get chance.

Nutmeg's Wildlife Photography
Thanks for sharing these Roger. It's good to see the results of the higher ISO settings - and like Graham I'd like to see some using the zero noise reduction.

(Not that I'm planning to move from my 40D... yet!)
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