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All the photos in this gallery are taken in my front garden (apart from the wagtails which were taken in the back garden) Although the garden is quite small I manage to attract a good number of species by feeding a large variety of food.

Some of the photographs have been taken from an open bedroom window with the camera mounted on a hide clamp attached to the bedroom windowsill. I have a tall high backed chair that I can sit on that brings me up to just the right height. Others have been taken from just inside my front door, again using the tall high backed chair.

There are some advantages in a small garden in that the birds are well within range of my 400mm lens and there is unlimited tea or coffee on tap. The disadvantage of this is that in the mornings I'm shooting into the sun (when it happens to shine anyway) so It's usually an afternoon or dull morning job and then I often have to use flash to get the detail I like.

The feeding station itself is a metal pole construction with four arms for hanging feeders on. As I'm sure you will be aware black metal and feeders aren't the best looking setting for bird photography so I have overcome this by fastening natural looking branches to the metal pole. This is achieved by using plastic tie wraps that can be bought from garden centres. The branches project well above the actual feeders so the birds use the branches to perch before dropping down to the feeders and this provides great photo opportunities. The branches can easily be changed when they are past there best.

Cheating some may say but this is why I have given you this information, as long as it's stated that this is how it's done it's a matter of personal opinion if it's cheating or not. Anyway I see no difference in this method than baiting certain spots in the wild to attract certain species, same end result.
Wren - Troglodytes troglodytesWoodpigeon - Columba palumbusChaffinch - Fringilla coelebsGoldfinch - Carduelis carduelisBlue Tit - Parus caeruleusGoldfinch - Carduelis carduelisGoldfinch - Carduelis carduelisWren - Troglodytes troglodytesChaffinch - Fringilla coelebsBlue tit - Parus caeruleusChaffinch - Fringilla coelebsGoldfinch - Carduelis carduelisGoldfinch - Carduelis carduelisGoldfinch - Carduelis carduelisGoldfinch - Carduelis carduelisGoldfinch - Carduelis carduelisChaffinch - Fringilla coelebsGreenfinch - Carduelis chlorisGoldfinch - Carduelis carduelisDunnock - Prunella modularis

Guestbook for Birds that visit my garden
Manfred Krueger(non-registered)
Thanks for the tip on hanging branches above the feeder. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing, and of course; awesome shots!!
Great photos, but sadly not enough - by that I only mean I'm trying to track an unusual visitor to the garden, and you've not seen him I see.
Paul Murphy Photography
It's great to see our familiar birds presented so beautifully. Thanks for a great gallery. Paul.
Glen Allen Photography
What a great Gallery!! I'd love to visit the garden ;-) Some of the birds there are so much more interesting than on this side of the pond!
Jonathan Coe(non-registered)
Roger, these are amazing photos. How do you achieve such sharpness in your photos? Do you put that down to the stillness of the lens, the quality of the lens, cleanliness etc. I have a Sigma 80-400 OS lens that I use on a Canon 350D, but the clarity falls something short of what you consistently achieve.
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