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Grasshoppers are insects in the order Orthoptera. Grasshoppers can leap about twenty times the length of their own body. They can also fly and can reach speeds of up to 8 mph

Difficult to photograph as there always seems to be a piece of stray grass in the way. Getting a nice clean background with these insects is often a problem as well.

Crickets belong to the Orthoptera family the same as Grasshoppers. The main difference between a Cricket and Grasshopper when seen in the field is that Crickets have much longer antennae than a Grasshopper
Bog Bush-cricket female - Metrioptera brachypteraCommon Green Grasshopper - Omocestus viridulusBog Bush-cricket female - Metrioptera brachypteraGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperBog Bush-cricket female - Metrioptera brachypteraBog Bush-cricket male - Metrioptera brachyptera

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Linda Buckell(non-registered)
A beautifully photographed gallery. They are great subjects to photograph - the 'expressions' on their faces are incredibly funny, they are what I call the Victor Meldrew of the insect world.
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